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The main mandate of the CREATE-CFS program is to enhance the training of undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who enroll in chemistry and chemical engineering programs at Université de Montréal, École Polytechnique, McGill University and the University of Ottawa. The majority of the CREATE funds is devoted towards the allocation of various scholarships to trainees. These initiatives are based on an internal competition to ensure that the most deserving and talented students are supported by the program.

To attend a symposium that takes place between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018, please apply to a travel scholarship no later than October 9, 2017.

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Graduate Scholarships

The CREATE-CFS program provides generous scholarships to M.Sc. and Ph.D. students only. Postdoctoral fellows must inevitably be otherwise financially supported but are strongly encouraged to participate in the various training components of the program. Under the stewardship of the Management Committee, a major portion of the CREATE funds is used for the remuneration of the most deserving students. The available budget is prorated among the principal investigators of each member institution to allow them to retain the top talents to work on related continuous flow science (CFS) projects. Candidates' academic excellence and research experience are the most important selection factors.

Salary for CREATE students may vary (at the discretion of the member professor) and can come from multiple sources: CREATE-CFS funds, (inter)national scholarships from government agencies, research grants from advisors, or stipend complements available through the university in which they are enrolled.

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Undergraduate Scholarships

As undergraduate students are more likely to be highly motivated and have the potential to eventually continue their education at the graduate level, it is necessary to expose them very early in their carreer path to the novel technology of continuous flow science (CFS). So part of the CREATE funds is dedicated to give away each year up to four (4) scholarships of $4,000 to students wishing to have their first introduction to academic resarch in the laboratory of a member professor.

The internship usually takes place in the summer, while their course load is minimal, and should last at least 16 weeks. Selected candidates are later encouraged to present their research at an upcoming CREATE event or during the Annual Colloquium for Chemistry Undergraduate Students of Université de Sherbrooke that takes place in October.

Competition usually opens around the end of February.

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Travel Scholarships

The CREATE-CFS program offers deserving students at least five (5) travel stipends of up to $2,000 to attend national or international meetings and present their research results. The topic of their presentation (poster or oral) must focus on a related field of continuous flow science (CFS). Among others, this initiative allows them to enhance their communication skills, to calibrate their research potential against the best in their field, to learn about the latest developments in CFS and to interact with their peers on a professional basis.

Competition usually opens around April.

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Internship Scholarships

A key goal of the CREATE-CFS program is to provide deserving students with opportunities to enhance their research experience by working on industry-relevant problems while applying their learned skills in continuous flow science (CFS) or by contributing to the latest breakthrough discoveries in CFS in the academic laboratory of a collaborator.

Overall, in order to forge new links between researchers and partners, CREATE students may obtain internships through different options: 1) industrial internships at company research sites adopting flow-driven processes; 2) academic internships working on confidential projects of small biotechs using the on-site infrastructure at Université de Montréal; or 3) international internships through industrial or academic collaborations with renowned CFS laboratories.

Upon returning from their internship, students are asked to prepare a short report and relate their experience and business knowledge to peers during an upcoming CREATE activity, as a way of measuring the skills acquired.

CREATE funds are available to students at any time (no competition deadline) to help offset the travel and living expenses while doing an internship abroad. Internship value and duration is determined on an individual basis.

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