NSERC CREATE Training Program in Continuous Flow Science

Our CREATE Infrastructure

Discover Our State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure

The Center for Continuous Flow Science at Université de Montréal is equipped with various microreactors dedicated to either small-scale or large-scale synthesis. Over the years, we have acquired a cutting-edge and versatile infrastructure that is made available to our students, professors and collaborators to expand all of their research capabilities.

R2+ and R4 flow systems
from Vapourtec
R1C pump module
from Vapourtec
Asia pump
from Syrris
Liquid-liquid separator
from Zaiput
UV photoreactor
from Luzchem
Customizable flow system
from IDEX and KDS
Gastropod gas reactor
from Cambridge
from Biotage
H-Cube hydrogenation
from ThalesNano
Voyager microwave
from CEM
Peptide synthesizer
from CEM
FlowSyn reactor
from Uniqsis
SuperCRC microcalorimeter
from Omnical
from Waters
Avance III 400 MHz NMR
from Bruker


Want to use CFS in your research?

We offer training and direct access to our flow infrastructure. Fees usually vary according to the complexity or the frequency of use.

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