NSERC CREATE Training Program in Continuous Flow Science

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Our CREATE Administrative Structure Explained

The CREATE-CFS program has elaborated a management structure that complies with NSERC recommendations and guidelines. It is composed of the following committees:

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André Charette, CREATE-CFS Program Director

In his capacity as Principal Program Director, André Charette brings to this CREATE venture a great mix of experience in academic research, teaching and management. He already serves as Chair of his Department of Chemistry (2013-) and as Co-Director of the Centre in Green Chemistry and Catalysis with Prof. C.-J. Li (2009-). In addition, he frequently plays a pivotal role in building a state-of-the-art research infrastructure at Université de Montréal for both his group and his colleagues. For instance, he was awarded a CFI New Initiative Funds grant to build a new Center for Continuous Flow Science (2009). He also maintains strong ties with the industry: he is a regular consultant with worldwide pharmaceutical companies and has managed to secure lucrative research contracts over the years, including the NSERC/Merck Frosst/Boehringer Ingelheim Chair in Stereoselective Drug Synthesis (2000-2010). He is recognized for his leadership skills and proven track record in making projects successful and in dealing with a wide range of complex administrative issues.


André Charette received his B.Sc. in 1983 from Université de Montréal. He then moved south of the border to the University of Rochester to eventually obtain the degrees of M.Sc. (1985) and Ph.D. (1987) under the supervision of Robert Boeckman Jr. Following an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University with David Evans, he began his academic career, first at Université Laval (1989-1992), then at Université de Montréal, where he has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor since 1998. With a record of >200 publications and numerous invited lectures throughout the world, he has achieved worldwide recognition in his field. The quality and significance of his work have brought him several awards from the Canadian Society for Chemistry, the American Chemical Society and the Royal Society of Canada to name a few. In 2008, he was awarded the Prix Marie-Victorin, the highest distinction that a scientist can receive from the Government of Québec.

Shawn Collins, CREATE-CFS Co-Director

Shawn Collins is an up-and-coming researcher in the area of catalysis and molecular synthesis, emphasizing on green chemistry principles and modern technologies such as continuous flow synthesis. He received the Boehringer-Ingelheim Young Investigator Award for Organic Chemistry and the Xerox University Faculty Award. As Co-Director, he recognizes the potential impact of the emerging field of continuous flow science. His proactive vision hopes to efficiently lead the program and ensure compliance with NSERC guidelines.


Shawn Collins obtained a B.Sc. (Honours) from Concordia University in 1996 while working with Oswald Tee. He completed his doctoral dissertation in 2001 with Alex Fallis at the University of Ottawa. After an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship with Larry Overman at the University of California, Irvine, he joined the faculty of Université de Montréal in 2003 as an Assistant Professor. Since 2015, he has been promoted to the rank of Full Professor.

Vanessa Kairouz, CREATE-CFS Scientific Coordinator

Vanessa Kairouz obtained both her B.Sc. (2011) and M.Sc. (2014; Research Director: Andreea Schmitzer) in chemistry from Université de Montréal. Her versatile educational background in supramolecular chemistry, catalysis, green chemistry, biochemistry and microfluidics enables her to understand and anticipate students' needs when it comes to using and maintaining the flow infrastructure. In addition, her positive attitude, extensive experience in training students and excellent communication abilities in either English or French are all assets which aim to take the CREATE-CFS program to new heights in her role as Scientific Coordinator.

CREATE-CFS Management Committee

The Management Committee has been created to review and approve all activities that are being conducted as part of the CREATE-CFS program. Its main responsibilities include, but are not limited to, deliberating on various scholarships awards; addressing program management issues whenever necessary; and approving all recommended program modifications.


Current Composition:

  • UdeM Director of Graduate Studies in Chemistry (Christian Reber);
  • UdeM Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (Roch Chouinard);
  • Four (4) co-members (one representative per institution);
  • One (1) CREATE graduate student;
  • One (1) CREATE postdoctoral fellow;
  • CREATE Program Director (André Charette).

CREATE-CFS Program Committee

The Program Committee has been created to guide the strategic direction of the CREATE-CFS venture in an advisory capacity. Rather than assessing the program's initiatives per se, it plays a role in challenging the CREATE team to think innovatively about how the program should be delivered. In other words, it provides input in the conduct of program reviews, in any major program changes and in the setting of performance indicators.


Current Composition:

  • One (1) industrial representative (A. Siddiqui);
  • One (1) representative from our international collaborators (T. Jamison);
  • One (1) researcher from unrelated field (Marc Janes, NuChem);
  • Two (2) CREATE trainees;
  • UdeM Chemistry Department Head;
  • One (1) representative of UofO, McGill or Polytechnique (on a rotation basis);
  • CREATE Program Director (André Charette) as a non-voting member.